About Us

The Infotronik Ltd. was founded in 1995 with the participation of five engineers, whose area of expertise is primarily in the industrial automation, measurement and instrumentation engineering, embedded systems, software-hardware development, which hereinafter defined the company's image.

The main directions of the Infotronik Ltd.'s business activity:
  • Engineering services in industrial automation, measurement technology, mathematical modelling topics.

  • Designing industrial automation systems, PLC programming. Modernization of process control systems.

  • Industrial measurement equipment, production of special instruments and electronic equipment for industrial use.

  • Microcomputers, embedded systems hardware and software development, building customized instruments primarily for R & D purposes.

  • Developing customized sensors mainly for use in wireless sensor network.

  • M2M application development, development of outdoor sensors and sensor networks.

  • Software development, building specialized computer configurations for target tasks.

  • Establishment, modernization and operation of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises' computer network.

Our Goals

Our priority is to provide affordable, easy to use and flexible IT solutions for the Hungarian micro and small businesses that allow them to increase administrative efficiency, market competitiveness and reduce IT spending.

Our long-term goal is to not only business but also for home users is to familiarize with the world of free software, Linux and computer networks, so that they can feel and move more confident in the accelerated cyberspace. Enable them to protect themselves and their families from the dangers of the web, thereby contributing to the Hungarian and ultimately improving the global network security. Today, the range of high-quality free software greatly expanded and this trend will continue to increase in the future, offering cost-effective and stable solutions.

Our other priority to develop tools and services fitting into the IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (Machine to Machine) world. IoT means internet connected smart devices which communicating via the internet. "Smart" cities and towns using IoT devices can increase comfort of the population and also save costs. Mass spreading and wide variety of the IoT devices significantly accelerate growth in the coming years, - mainly because the establishment of IoT infrastructure and services -, making it available for everyone to use IoT devices either as professional or hobby purposes.

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